Tropical Trees is located in Hawaii, on the rural island of Molokai. Our fabulous corner of the world is approximately 16 miles east of the small town of Kaunakakai. We have over 200 coconut trees along a beautiful stretch of beach on approximately 4 acres of land.

The coconut tree is versatile; it offers a lucky owner a lifetime of beauty, shade, food, and drink. The coconut has it's own method of making sea voyages and has spread itself around the tropical world.

A coconut tree will produce approximately 50 to 100 nuts per year. It takes a nut 9 to 12 months to mature. Knowing no season a tree produces coconuts year round.

The water in a drinking coconut, a green immature nut, is a very refreshing pure drink. It will often have a fizz much like a carbonated drink. A prime drinking nut will contain almost a quart of water. After the water is out the coconut may be split open letting you enjoy the soft meat inside. This soft meat is usually called spoon-meat or pudding. It can be scooped out with a spoon.

The mature coconut is brown and you should be able to hear the juice sloshing when you shake the nut. To open the nut after it is husked (our nuts are shipped husked unless unhusked is requested) you should tap it all over with a hammer to loosen the meat and then tap in a line several small taps close together around the circumference of the nut until the shell breaks. The meat can then be pried out with a dull table knife.

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